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The Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation believes that every child deserves an equal opportunity for reaching their potential.

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Our Programs

Choose from one of our General, Seasonal or Education programs where your donation can Write A Child’s Story.

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All of us look for opportunities to make a difference. Right here in our community, we have the ability to change lives.

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A Message to our donors, supporters and friends

Our work supporting children and families in need will never stop

These are unprecedented times.  Essentially, all of our lives have changed in the last couple of weeks.  The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of our community, our country and the globe.  No one is exempt, particularly those who are most vulnerable.  Our staff, the majority who are working remotely continue to keep in touch with our families.  We are still operating around the clock assuring the safety and well-being of the children of Windsor-Essex.

To our donors and to all who wish to help.  We encourage you to join us in Strengthening Families.  That’s what we are all about, now more than ever!  Reach out to a family you know may need some support.  There are so many ways you can help.  A dose of kindness can make a world of difference!  See below to find out more about the John & Sophia Chisholm Embracing Families Fund.

There will be changes and adjustments as we see this through.  Never the less, be assured that we have served this community through good times and bad for over 100 years.  We attest to the fact that Our Children Are Our Future

Our Mission: Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation

The Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support that contributes to the safety and well-being of the children and families of the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society through fundraising initiatives and public education.


We Foster. You can too!


Transforming lives of 1 in 8 children in Windsor-Essex.

Programs That We Offer

The “You Can Write a Child’s Story” campaign, which includes our ever evolving programs, makes it easy for you to choose one of the many options of where your donation can make a difference. Take a look at our campaign booklet.

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General Programs

This spectrum includes a wide array of programs that provide the donor with options that in a variety of ways contribute to the safety, well-being and enrichment of children, youth and families.

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100% of all funds donated stay in Windsor-Essex County.

Seasonal Programs

Together, these programs provide hope, inspiration and life long memories to children and families who are impacted by support of these initiatives. The Holiday Program and “Fresh Air” Summer Camp program occur at opposite times of the year, however both offer benefits that are far reaching and meaningful.

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Education Programs

Education is the number one catalyst for creating positive change and eliminating negative cycles. An investment in the future of one of our youth is a powerful message that indicates an individual is valued. It also provides the groundwork for a youth to become a contributing member to the community at large.

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