Cheryl Sprague, President

Joining the Board of Directors of the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Foundation has provided me the privilege of supporting children who need our help. I feel that all of us can assist in some way  to help improve the quality of life for these children. I am honored to be a part of it. 


Sophia Chisholm, Vice-President

My family and I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential in life.  The heart and soul of the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Foundation Board is anchored in helping children achieve these goals in a safe and caring environment, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to contribute my energy, ideas and support.


Tom Lanoue, Treasurer

I joined Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Foundation Board with the aim of ensuring that children and young adults within my community receive the required support, programming and opportunities that I was had been awarded as a youth in order for them to excel as adults.


Paul Schlosser

I joined the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Foundation Board because so many children start their lives in difficult situations. There are many areas in our community that need help, however, having the proper resources and childhood experience are the best way to inspire and encourage children to develop a better future for themselves and for the community.


Matt St Louis

All children deserve loving support and opportunities to help them develop into healthy, contributing members of their communities.  The Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society and its Foundation make a difference in the lives of the children it serves.


Cameron Paine

I feel that if you live and work in a community, and have the ability to make positive change, then you have an obligation to do so. I have joined the Children’s Aid Foundation to better understand our community and help raise funds to assist those in need.

Cara Kennedy

Being an active part of my community is extremely important to me. I am continually looking for ways in which I can use my voice, passions and actions to help benefit those in need. I enjoy meeting new people and embarking on new challenges, and I believe that I will be a positive addition to the Foundation Board. I look forward to working with like-minded and impact-full individuals, and creating great things for the children in our city.

Lauren Hamer 

I joined the Foundation board because I hope to improve the lives of children and families throughout the Windsor-Essex region via the support of the WECAS's mission. I look forward to working with fellow Board Members to ensure that the children within our program receive the support they need in order to reach their full potential.


George Georges

As a lifelong resident of Windsor/Essex County, I believe it is my responsibility and duty to give back to my community; a community that has given so much to me and my family.  I would like to share my skills and network to raise awareness, money and resources to support these children who deserve an opportunity to shine.


Jameson Pritiko

I joined the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Foundation to help develop the support and opportunities that drive children to succeed in all aspects of their lives. Fostering comprehensive community involvement is critical to ensuring that our youth develop with the tools that they need for an enriching and rewarding childhood.


Ernie Nesbitt

My mantra in life is “How May I Serve.” Being an active member of this fantastic community of Windsor-Essex is very important to me. Through the Children’s Aid Foundation, in partnership with this dynamic group of board members, I look forward to making a difference in the lives of children in this community.


Mike Fisher

Knowing that the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society touches the lives of one out of every eight children in our community makes such a compelling case for the importance of the work of both the Society and the Foundation. I believe providing children with opportunities to learn, grow and smile is crucial to their development and the WECAF is at the heart of making this happen. By improving the lives of children we ensure a better future for each subsequent generation to come.


Charmaine Gillis

Every child deserves the opportunity in life, no matter their situation or circumstance. I’m excited to contribute, along with my ideas and support, in helping children achieve these goals in a safe and caring environment! I’m very humbled and honoured to be teamed up with these amazing board members to make a difference in our community


Susan Easterbrook, Ex-Officio

I am the liason member of the Board of Directors of WECAS and the WECAS Foundation. Sharing our values, respectful programming and funding of the interests of those children we serve has a substantial positive impact on their perspective of the world.  I am committed to supporting the Foundation Board in our efforts to help the children of our community succeed in all aspects of their lives and have a self-sustaining future.